About Alena Reit

Alena Reit was born in Rostov on Don, Russia in 1989.She was always creative and since she was a child she was seen drawing.

After finishing school she decided to study foreign languages at the University of Rostov on Don. It seemed a good idea for the future. Art became just a hobby.

At the age of 21 after marriage she left her country and moved to Germany. Alena wanted to make her dream come true and become an artist. 

Alena was always fascinated by the beauty oft he world and the people. She was always drawn to creating and painting. Moving to Germany was a long process but it made Alena move and grow. She started painting again. Living in a small village side by side with nature Alena war inspired by it. 

Becomming a parent, mother of four children influenced Alena’s art. In her works from 2013-2015 you see first mother-child characters. 

From 2015 to 2019 Alena devoted herself to floral design and was successful. This was nice experience that positively influenced her sense of beauty and improved her art.

Since 2019 Alena works as an artist again. In April 2019 she had her first exhibition in Paris. She is currently living and working near Hamburg.

Alena’s main subjects are  parents and children, nature and still life. She paints  with oils and acryllics and uses pallet knife to create motion and textude. Her paintings are vivid, full of color and resemble everything what is important in life.